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2024 Reading Challenge

January 27th, 2024MECC, ME, MI

The Mason Schools Foundation, a non-profit organization, invites you to participate in our annual 2024 Reading Challenge Fundraiser on January 12th - January 26th. Proceeds are used to continue funding Above and Beyond innovative projects and educational programs beyond the scope of what the district can do.

Over the past 15 years, MSF has invested over $1 Million in grants across the district including school supplies for students in need, instructional technology, flexible seating options and educational experiences in and out of the classroom.

3 Ways to Give

1. Return provided envelope with cash or check made out to Mason Schools Foundation
2. Select your school then text

R24MECC to #41444 - Mason Early Childhood Center

R24ME to #41444 - Mason Elementary

R24MI to #41444 - Mason Intermediate
3. Donate online by clicking on the link in your schools letter

For detailed information about Reading Challenge specific to your child's school, please see the letters linked below.

  • Mason Early Childhood Center - MECC
  • Mason Elementary - ME
  • Mason Intermediate - MI

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Mason Schools Foundation is a community-driven non-profit foundation that facilitates grants, organizes community events, and recognizes teaching excellence for the betterment of the entire Mason Schools District.

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