2021 Beacon of Inclusive Excellence Award Winner

Jill Puma

As MSF reviewed nominations for 2021 Above and Beyond Educators, a compelling nominee, shared by student Grace Bagadiong, inspired the new Mason Schools Foundation Beacon of Inclusive Excellence award.

Grace nominated Mason High School Business Teacher, Jill Puma, for creating an inclusive and empowering classroom for all students. With the kindest heart she celebrates diversity and regularly challenges her students to be open minded about the differences and needs of all of their classmates. β€œMrs. Puma is the most inclusive teacher I have ever met as she treats me like my disabilities do not affect who I am.” Grace shared. β€œShe has also taught my classmates not to be afraid of my needs and to feel comfortable working alongside me.” The compassion and effort that Jill puts into motivating her students to be inclusive and excellent leaders drives them to go above and beyond.

🌟 Congratulations Mrs. Puma 🌟

Jill Puma with her award and some MSF board members

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