The Mason Schools Foundation launched in the fall of 2008 as an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a resident-driven board of directors.   During the Mason City School District's period of tremendous growth,  Ken and Joan Campbell  generously donated funds in honor of their 40th wedding anniversary for the district to leverage into something more to help all Mason students.   As rapid student growth slowed and the district focused on how to maintain academic excellence,  a team of residents, parents, business leaders and school officials formed to leverage the Campbell's initial gift into what is now the Mason Schools Foundation. In benchmarking other successful school districts, the team converged on the idea that an educational foundation solely focused on raising funds for a permanent endowment that supports best-in-class academic, arts and athletics would be a valuable long-term asset for our community.

The focus of MSF continues to be supporting projects that take students, staff and our district above and beyond.   In the past nine years, MSF has awarded over $800,000 in grants to worthy projects touching all grades and all buildings. From providing school supplies to all students in need so they can start the first day of school on a more level playing field, to funding innovative new technology, MSF is committed to being careful stewards of funds donated and raised by our organization.   MSF led programs like the annual Gala, K-6 Reading Challenge and MMS Walk-a-Thon help fund projects like the MMS Coding and Robotics Lab, MECC’s Outdoor Classroom, MI’s Author Visits and WR’s STEM and STEAM labs.   At the high school, mentorship programs for special needs students, outdoor gardens and the foreign language lab are funded through MSF grants.  

We appreciate our community’s generosity in supporting our local schools through the Mason Schools Foundation.  We welcome you to join us as a volunteer, at any of our events or as a donor.   We look forward to taking the next generation of Mason students above and beyond.

Mindy Patton

Board of Directors:
Courtney Allen
Kristen Bush
Tracey Carson
Beth Chance
Becki Crane
Raquel Diaz-Infante
Gonzalo Diaz-Infante
Alicia Farbstein
Marty Fish
Brenda Hefferan
Anne Marie Marietta
Valarie Miner
Jamie Natorp
Nathalie Neuburger
Lisa Oldham
Lina Patel
Mindy Patton
Laura Peraino
Vito Peraino
Kim Rupert
Cynthia Satterthwaite
Adam Toohey
Stewart Weaver
Chris Wilks
Beth Wilson
Marsha Wise